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Linnea   Dick was a loving, vibrant young woman and passionate animal advocate who was wise beyond her 20 years. From a very young age Linnea was able to easily create special bonds with animals. Her gentle, caring, peaceful nature made it easy for animals to love and trust her, and she always had space in her heart and life to welcome them with open arms.

Linnea always said, “This animal needs a home, and we have a home,” and she meant it. She found dozens of animals healthy homes, and took in the others herself, which speaks volumes about her patience, dedication and determination to be a true animal welfare advocate. Linnea also made sure to spend quality time with each of her animals, and would even teach them tricks to entertain family and friends.

Her fiery red hair was second only to her fiery spirit and spunk. People were always drawn to her playful nature and generous personality. It didn’t matter to Linnea where a person came from; she welcomed everyone with the same level of friendliness and respect.

With Linnea, family always came first. She called mom and dad every night just to tell them she loved them. She also spent endless nights with her sister, Andrea, sharing stories about her day, talking about future plans, and playing with their dogs. Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends also adored Linnea and cherished her open, fun, spontaneous and charismatic nature.

Linnea made a positive impression on the people around her, and she was always willing to offer whatever support she could to help them live full and empowered lives. She was the type of person who would have given anyone all the money she had left in her pocket; all they had to do was ask. Her bouncing, shiny red hair is one of the features most remembered by those who knew her, as well as her powerful engaging smile, gentle eyes and joyful personality.

Linnea was also a dedicated student and adventurous young woman. She was planning to pursue a business degree at Colorado State University, and wanted to explore various ways to make her passion for animals a profitable business. Linnea was very excited to create a positive foundation for her life, and build a career that would not only bring her happiness and creativity, but allow her to support the animals she loved and would have come to love in the future. Linnea’s passion for life was at its peak and she was ready to take on the world, but she never got that opportunity.

In May of 2008 Linnea’s life was tragically and unexpectedly taken, but her spirit and passion for animals lives on through the Linnea Memorial Fund that cares for animals in need through donations to local animal charities. Although Linnea lost her life, she will still make her mark on this world. She is helping change the world through the Linnea Memorial Fund by making it a more positive place for animals and people. Linnea will not only be missed by family and friends, but by all of the animals in her short but very significant life.

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