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Linnea's HeART - A Heart So Pure

Linnea's gravestone

Memorial Bench

Angel for Lost Children

Linnea Memorial 

Shelly and Puchi were adopted at the Linnea Pet Walk.

Toby, Marley, and Otis all found their forever homes at the Linnea Pet Walk!

Arianne had to have her leg amputated due to prior abuse and several breaks in the leg that did not heal properly. The Linnea Memorial Foundation sponsored her surgery and Recycled Ruffs Chihuahua Rescue found Arianne a forever home with people that love her very much!

The four cats pictured above were fostered at Duncan's Place and adopted at the Linnea Pet Walk!

Linnea Memorial Foundation 

distributed proceeds from the Linnea Pet Walk to several different animal charities including those pictures above:

Shiba Scout Rescue, K-9 Bed & Biscuit, Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Fort Collins Cat Rescue, Duncan's Place, Denkai Animal Sanctuary, Colorado Dachshund Rescue, Colorado Aussie Rescue, and Animal House.

Linnea's Love Lives On

Shelly and Puchi were adopted at the Linnea Pet Walk.

Oreo, Ginger, and Cosmos are from the Colorado Aussie Rescue, all three dogs were adopted at the Linnea Pet Walk!

The Linnea Memorial Foundation sponsored Aubry's surgery.