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Linnea's HeART - A Heart So Pure

Linnea's gravestone

Memorial Bench

Angel for Lost Children

Linnea Memorial 

Memorial Bench - in Fort Collins, CO

Day of Remembrance to pay tribute and honor our nation's murder victims and their surviving family members. The National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims not only recognizes murder victims but also honors those organizations throughout America that provide services such as support, advocacy and counsel to loved ones of murder victims. 

Linnea's HeART - A Heart So Pure

Loveland - City with HeART
These fiberglass hearts are 5' tall and 4.5' wide. Each heart is individually sponsored. Artist's submit their ideas to E.L. Events, which are shown to local businesses and community members to find a sponsor. 

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Or a potential sponsor may come to E.L. Events with a design idea, and E.L. Events matches up the potential sponsor with an artist capable of executing that sort of design.

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Many of Linnea's friends and family members have tattooed themselves with her picture, her name, or a symbol to remember her by.

she comes to me, soft and quiet.
Her gentle spirit stills the angry sea.
Icy shards of heart begin to knit,
drawn together by threads of memory,
symbols of her enduring love.

 My soul reaches out to husband and daughter,
both maimed in their own way.
We endure our sad dreams,
carry on, day by day,
and await a rumor of life.

JR Hume, July, 2009 
“for Opal”

Linnea's gravestone -

located at Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins, CO​

That was my existence;
none could call it living.
Spiritless, I drifted,
between black walls,
walls alive with her image. 

I have survived a year and more
beyond that day,
that horror,
through storms of grief and loss,
awash in a red tide of rage.

who have been lost. A flower is placed beneath the statue to honor and remember each child.

Richard Paul Evans' New York Times Bestseller, The Christmas Box, inspired the Angel for Lost Children statue.The book tells of a woman who mourns the loss of her child at the base of a stone angel, and a busy father who, after hearing her story, realizes what is most important — his children. 

The author commissioned the original statue to be made at the request of many grieving parents. The angel has come to represent a parent's deepest grief and greatest love.

The McKee Foundation is proud to bring the Angel for Lost Children statue, the 17th in the nation, to the Wellness/Nature Walk. The second Sunday of every December is National Children's Memorial Day. Beginning in New Zealand, candles are lit at 7 p.m. in each time zone, in memory of children who have died. The candles remain lit for one hour, creating a 24-hour wave of light around the world. 

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Shattered Heart (a poem written for Linnea’s mother by a friend)

On the day my little one died, 

my heart cracked and fell apart, 

dark flames seared my soul. 
Of me,

only a husk remained, 

a burned out shell, 

filled with pain and pain and pain. 

Linnea's mother, Opal Dick, speaks at the ceremony for National Day of Rememberance for Murder Victims

On September 25th each year the National Organization of Parents Of  Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC), and countless other crime victims and survivors will gather in cities and towns across America for the National 

Angel for Lost Children

The McKee Foundation in Loveland, CO hosts a candlelight vigil on the second Sunday of every December at the site of the Angel.

We attend this event every year to honor Linnea and other children